About Me.....

Welcome To My Page! I Am A UAE Based Resin And Laser Artist. Art Has Always Been An Integral Part Of My Life Since Childhood. Witnessing My Mother Embellish Each Corner Of Our Home With Handmade Art, Be It A Simple Wall Painting Or Revamping A Piece Of Furniture Or Stitching Intricate Fabrics; She Made Everything Look Beautiful And Unique. Every Piece Of Her Art Ignited My Passion And It’s Only Recently That I Had The Opportunity To Pursue, Develop And Rediscover My Love For Creating When I Bought My Laser Machine; Glowforge. It Has Elevated My Desire For Creating Unique Pieces, Thus Giving Me The Opportunity To Offer You Personalized And Meaningful Products For Your Loved Ones And Home. We Thrive To Create Delightful Gifts And Goods To Inspire All Of Life’s Special Moments. Our Aim Is To Add Laughter, Inspiration & Joy To Every Celebrations. Simultaneously, I Am Also A Self Taught Resin Artist And I Enjoy In Creating Geode And Ocean Art. My Soul Dwells In Peace When I Pour As My Heart Wishes, It’s Like Meditation. The High Gloss Finish Of Resin Gives The Paintings A Mysterious Depth And Due To The Very Fluid Nature Of The Material, Each Piece Is Unique And Cannot Be Replicated. They Are Truly One Off, Fascinating Works Of Art That Would Enhance The Beauty Of Any Home Or Office Space. Modern Inspired Resin Art Is Perfect If You Are Looking For An Original Piece Of Luxury Art Designed For Your Home. Each Piece Is Made On Gallery Birch Panels With Raw Wood Edges, Capturing Natures Beauty And The High Shine Of Resin. Thus, All Of My Items Be It Wood Or Resin, Are Hand Made With Love And Passion For Creating Beautiful Pieces From My Home, To Yours.

Sharmin Ferdous